Burlington Medical

Graphic design and studio product photography for a family-owned manufacturer of medical products.

Graphic & Industrial Designer
Burlington Medical Supplies

At Burlington Medical, I was responsible for graphic design, product photography, e-commerce and trade show functions. I coordinated with department managers to design brochures and lay out product information in the established company aesthetic. These materials aided regional sales reps and were also dispersed through mailers.

Premium Aprons catalog and product photography

In the Premium Aprons brochure, I used studio photography with models to get up-to-date pictures of products. I laid out each phase of the product selection so customers could be walked through buying a custom apron.

Leaded Eyewear catalog and product photography

Gel Pads catalog and product photography. (excluding stock contextual photos)

Econoline Aprons tri-fold brochure

OR Table Pads tri-fold brochure, illustrations and product photography

Radiology Table Pads brochure


Recoveries brochure